Ballerina Photoshoot at the New York Public Library | Camila Rodrigues

What a dream! The truth is I’m still in ecstasy after this amazing opportunity to photograph the Brazilian ballerina Camila Rodrigues at the iconic New York Public Library.

Since the beginning of my career as a photographer, I was fascinated about dance photography and the movements frozen in a frame—such passion, strength and daintiness all together. It took me a while to move this step forward and try something different, completely out of my comfort zone. I LOVED IT!

Ballet photography requires patience and technique knowledge and it’s much more about perfection and details—completely different from a documentary or lifestyle photoshoot. Photographing Camila definitely made me push myself harder and drive my eyes to a different point of view. I am absolutely certain that this project is the first of many more to come!

Thank you, Camila! It was a honour and a pleasure doing this photoshoot with you! And for those who are interested in photographing at New York Public Library in Bryant Park, you won’t need a permit since you don’t use either flash/light equipment or tripod—just bring your camera and have fun!

Maternity Photoshoot in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Usually the big island, Manhattan, gets the whole attention when talking about photoshoots. But as a Brooklyn person, I must say there’re so many stunning and charming streets around Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill—a perfect scenario for a chill and spontaneous photoshoot.

Walking along Congress Street, we found this small park, Cobble Hill, with gorgeous and romantic townhouses in the background—just in time for spring! I love combining indoor and outdoor photoshoots, so we can get a broad range of photos, from a more intimate scenario to a walk around the neighbourhood with all the spring vibe!

Next time, when scouting for places for your maternity photoshoot, go check around Bergen St, Pacific St and Cobble Hill Park! You won’t regret!

Couple Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Have you ever imagined doing a couple or engagement photoshoot under drizzles and rain? So, it turned out a beautiful evening and we got gorgeous shots of Thamires and Michael at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

This spot in Dumbo, called Pebble Beach, gives you a stunning view to Brooklyn Bridge and it’s one of my favourites places for an engagement photoshoot. On an early evening, right after the sun goes down, you can see Manhattan lights and Jane’s Carousel at the background.

It’s always fun to shoot in Dumbo! Sunny or raining, it’s impossible not to get home with some beautiful shots!

Engagement Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

If you are visiting New York and planing a destination engagement photoshoot, you might consider Dumbo in your list of options. Either on a sunny or cloudy day, you’ll always come back home with beautiful and romantic memories with your loved one! I must say, it’s one of my favourites spots in town!

You’ll get so many different scenarios, as Brooklyn Bridge, Jane’s Carousel lights, the parallelepiped streets and cozy cafes, the breath taking view of Manhattan skyline and many more spots! I always schedule my shots a couple of hours before the sunset and finish the photoshoot with a beautiful sunset photo at Pebble Beach.

Even if you live in town, it’s impossible to get enough of this neighbourhood. If you are planning a couple or engagement photoshoot, you must go in the afternoon and check the chill vibe in the area!

Engagement Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn by @DaniellePhotographySa

Engagement Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn by @DaniellePhotographySa

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo | Welcome Spring 2019

There’s no doubt SoHo is the best spot for a fashion and street photoshoot in New York. I had so much fun with @ColoursOfCoco walking around Spring St, Broome St and the instagrammable Nomo Hotel—a classic spot for a photo.

If you are scouting for spots to fashion your collection or just boost your Instagram or Blog with nice photos, just go check around some of my favourite spots in SoHo for a photoshoot:

1. Nomo Hotel

2. L’Appartement Sézane shop

3. Greene St and Mercer St, corner with Spring St

4. Max-Bone shop

Go check for some tips for this spring!

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo by @DaniellePhotographySa

Fashion Photoshoot in SoHo by @DaniellePhotographySa

Maternity Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn

At this point you probably have realised that I love photographing in Brooklyn, specially around Dumbo area. On a sunny day, the gold colour around sunset time gives the photos such a romantic and soft feel.

The weather in NY changes so quickly that I rather wait till last minute before canceling a photoshoot. The day I met with Camila and Julien, had been raining for entire morning and when I was almost losing hope, we had such a beautiful afternoon with a golden sun at the background! <3 Perfect scenario for a maternity photoshoot by the Brooklyn Bridge and Jane’s Carousel!

Maternity Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn by @DaniellePhotographySa

Maternity Photoshoot in Dumbo, Brooklyn by @DaniellePhotographySa

Juliana in Williamsburg

One of the most gratifying part of my work is to get to know such interesting people and exchange experiences, culture, thoughts and see that we have so much to learn yet, no matter the age. This young girl is half Brazilian, half Chinese and is studying Global Development in Canada. When I asked her if she thinks about going back to Brazil one day, she says that there's so much she wants to study and learn and experience that she won't have time to belong to only one place in life. Just go, girl! You have the entire world to conquer!